In these terms and conditions for exhibiting, the term “Exhibitor” shall mean firm, union and group which paid initial payment and submitted contract and application to participate in the Exhibition.
The term “Exhibition” shall mean “"The 27th BeFe BABYFAIR'.
The term “Organizer” shall mean “BeFe Inc.”.
Application and Contract
All application and contract shall be submitted to the Organizer. The submission of the form with the payment of total participation fee to the Organizer shall be confirmation of the conclusion of the contract.
However, Exhibition submits the application form, the Organizer can refuse the Exhibitor’s participation which is opposed to the general character of the Exhibition.
Allocation of Booth
The Organizer shall allocate the booth in sequence of the payment of participation fee. The Organizer shall allocate the booth in consideration of exhibition effect and visitor’s convenience.
Installation and Removal
The installation and removal of the exhibits and booths must be completed by the date and time stimulated by the Organizer. The Exhibitors shall indemnify the Organizer against any loss which may be caused by delay or damage to the Exhibition hall.
Insurance, Security and Safety
The Exhibitors may insure all equipments and exhibits during the Exhibition as well as set-up and take-down. The Organizer shall guard exhibition for the authority of exhibitors and visitors but the Exhibitors shall be liable for any loss, theft of damage to any articles belonging to the Exhibitor.
Restriction of the Exhibits
The Exhibitors shall display the specified exhibits and the Organizer may restrict the exhibits which are opposed to the general character of the Exhibition.
Sound Restriction
The Exhibitors are not allowed to install sound facilities for noise control in the exhibit hall.
Cancellation and Penalty
If the Exhibitor cancel the participation in the exhibition or reduce the plan, the exhibitor should pay following penalty to the Organizer within the 15 days after cancellation. The initially paid participation fee will be settled as a penalty for breach of contract. If the participation fee is insufficient, the exhibitor should make additional payment, and the participation fee is sufficient, the surplus will be paid back.
Cancellation before Nov. 14th, 2014 : 50 percent of Participation fee as a penalty
Cancellation after Nov. 15th, 2014 : 80 percent of Participation fee as a penalty
Cancellation after Jan. 12th, 2015 : 100 percent of Participation fee as a penalty
The Organizer may terminate the contract if the exhibitor refuses to use all or part of the booths, or if the participation fee remains unpaid when the deadline passes. In that case, the participation fee shall not be refundable.
Changes of the Exhibition
The Organizer has the option to change the venue and duration of the Exhibition if inevitable circumstances including national crisis of force majeure clause take place. If the Organizer exercise such option, the exhibitor shall accept the change without any claim against the Organizer.
If necessary, the Organizer may establish supplementary regulations which are not specified in the contract and the exhibitors shall observe the supplementary regulations.
Any dispute between the Organizer and the Exhibitor concerning the true construction of these terms and conditions for exhibiting or the rights and liabilities of the parties thereto shall be settled in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. The verdict of the above arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.

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