Business Segments

  • BeFe Online Mall
  • BeFe Mobile
  • BeFe Media
  • BeFe Education & Culture Business
  • BeFe International Expansion Business

BeFe Online & Mall

BeFe Online

  • On/Offline Total Marketing Website
  • Brand marketing before/after exhibition
  • Custom PR Service
  • Connecting between the online BeFe PR channel and the sales channel

BeFe Mall

  • Shopping mall : The products from BeFe BABYFAIR can be purchased at anytime
  • Providing newest and finest baby products at a reasonable price

BeFe Mobile


  • Admission simplified with mobile invitation and it operates to eco-friendly exhibition
  • Brand marketing for exhibitors (coupons and promotions)
  • Providing information for booth location and products
  • Purchasing discounted products and providing free gifts through Mobile Coupon

Mobile Commerce

  • Possible to purchase products from mobile application of 'BeFe Mall'
  • Providing product information and instructions

BeFe Media

Befe Magazine

  • Published twice a year
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth/Infant Premium Shopping Magazine
  • Providing useful infant articles and shopping tips

BeFe Webzine

  • Published monthly
  • Providing a variety information of childcare


  • Launched in August.2014
  • Internet Shopping Broadcast Channel for pregnancy, childbirth and infant
  • Talk show-typed program (sharing experience of broadcasting products)

BeFe Education/Culture Business

BeFe Momschool

  • Held monthly
  • An education programme about pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare

BeFe Pregnant Woman Festival

  • Pregnant Woman’s Day Event
  • Prenatal concert and performance
  • Exhibiting pregnancy/childbirth product brands
  • Brand class provides time for prenatal education and professional information

Adieu! BeFe

  • A year-end cultural event for whole family
  • Providing renowned baby products at affordable prices (BeFe FAMILY SALE)

BeFe International Expansion Business

  • Organizing the ’BeFe Korea Pavilion’ to advertise Korea’s premium baby product brands at exhibitions overseas
  • Essential to cooperate with BeFe to attract Korea’s premium baby product brands.
  • BeFe presents all the best networking resources to supports domestic companies to extend their businesses abroad
  • Since 2014, BeFe promotes the 'Korea Pavilion' at the 'CBME China' which is organized by UBM China
  • Planning to further expand into Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and Japan and etc.

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